Got a question? Just ask Lynda! tutorialsUPDATE:  how-to create a custom menu
UPDATE:  review of pages versus posts how-t0

A fabulous resource brought to us courtesy of a Middlebury membership is the extensive and professional site of technology tutorials.  A few are available for free in any given course, but to get into the details you would normally need to pay … Great news:  we can log in via Midd  (The first time it will ask you to set up an account — full sign-up details here.)

To preview a few of these short, very practical video tutorials, check out the free access sections of the site on topics such as these …

WordPress Essentials: Changing the Background  (a list of all WordPress courses, some quite advanced)

Wondering what the heck is up with Google Plus?  How to use Facebook & Twitter for social media marketing?    Gmail for power users?  Wanting to hone your skills with Photoshop?  Browse the home computing section?  Do more work with video (edit and post practicum clips)? … or with images (bring life to your CV to illustrate time abroad)?

Time to geek out on Excel (see different list for Excel on Macs) …

… take a spin around the site — watch a WELCOME video from Lynda herself — and don’t forget we can log in to get full access via Middlebury.

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2 Responses to Got a question? Just ask Lynda!

  1. heidilaide says:

    Thanks for posting this, Sarah. I’ve been meaning to check out the tutorials. Will our time in class be an opportunity to follow up on this website and our access to it via middlebury?


  2. sarspri says:

    It’s certainly a resource that all can draw on as needed, both in and outside of class. I will do a quick tour to get people oriented to it (note to self) next time we meet — feel free to remind me!

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